Cyberspace has enabled you to meet everyone across the globe. But, increased hacking, malware attacks have been a new addition. Without availing cybersecurity protocols, surfing the internet is not a wise decision. Whether it is hacking a personal mobile or the entire workstation, nothing seems impossible to the trend-setter hackers.

Moreover, hackers can reach your device through fake emails. And, the flaws in email protocols can’t restrict the emails to reach you. Even hackers are gaining trustworthiness through popular applications in the market. And, in return for exciting features, they are stealing your data from your mobile phone. 

There are enormous mobile applications that keep asking for gallery, calls, location and other system applications’ permissions. If you are encountering security issues or need protection against malware on your phone, consider Mobile Repair Dubai. 

However, iOS 14 has made its way to detect data-hungry applications. But, Android hasn’t launched any feature to obstruct such applications still now. So, here’s how you can keep yourself safe from your phone tracking you.

How can you keep your Phones Secured from Tracking?

As far as you can see, anyone can track your phone if you are connected to the internet. Or, in case you are using such a mobile application that uses location information, and you have already granted its permission to access your location. Have a look at the following safety tips that can help you not to be spied by anyone. Try to adopt them as soon as possible.


  • Don’t Permit Third-Party Apps


It’s apparent that you need diverse kinds of mobile applications on your phone for making your daily life more comfortable. But, numerous apps are playing with your trust and can access your location, contacts, photos and other files if you grant the required permission. So, be choosy while installing any app. Get a detailed review of those apps before you download them on your phone. In case you find it dubious, skip those apps.


  • Turn off Wireless Network Connections When not in Use


Make sure that you keep Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location services disabled when you are not using them. Connecting to any public Wi-Fi network can lead to hacking and other cybersecurity issues. For simplicity, choose the Airplane Mode to be enabled, and it will deactivate every mode of wireless connection. This is the right way to restrict your phone to be exposed on any public network.


  • Opt for a Trusted VPN Service


VPN services are proven to be effective for online connections, business meets and transactions, too. And, you can appoint a VPN service for your mobile devices as well. The VPN will protect your information on the internet by surrounding your data with a secure tunnel. 


Keep in mind not to share your location with third-party apps along with the browser. You should not use the Find My Device feature for your phones. Moreover, avoid the tracking of advertising networks by availing the reset of the advertising ID of your phone. This is as important as weekly security maintenance of your phone. Also, you can avail antivirus protection for your Android or iOS devices.


Keep yourself on the safe side and don’t fall for anything that tempts you on the internet. Even business tycoons are getting affected by hacking and data breaching. Canon has been threatened with ransomware, and 10TB data has been hacked. So, practise those tips as mentioned above to protect your personal and professional data on your mobile. 

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