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iphone repair dubai

Relish a Supreme Assistance With Our iPhone Repair Dubai Services

Just like any other device, iPhones tend to endure from some unusual problems. As a result, their parts may require replacement or repair particularly. When it comes to your iPhone, you can never trust some random person, can you? That’s not the case for all. We are an experienced team of experts who can provide you assistance with every problem related to the iPhone. From screen repair to software issues, we can do it all for you. The individuals hired by us are highly profound in this sector. They will make sure your iPhone retains that brand new look so that you can flaunt it with pride. Let’s see what services you enjoy with our iPhone repair Dubai services.

Iphone screen repair dubai

iPhone Screen Repair

What can go worse than a cracked iPhone screen? Not only does it affect the touch but also it’s performance overall. However, do not worry if such is the case. Our leading team of iPhone Repair Dubai makes sure you can retrieve your screen quality regardless of its damage. No matter if your phone undergoes from mere screen damage or other conditions like motherboard replacement or liquid damage, our company is greatest in servicing all. The assistance provided by us is capable enough to obtain a satisfactory outcome. Besides, our budget-friendly and agile work results have become an eye-catcher for customers looking for iPhone repair in Dubai. We are also known for a work outcome that is satisfactory and competent enough to mark our place among the top-notch iPhone service center. In addition to that, we are also known for granting the stablest iPhone screen repair in Dubai. The products used by us are quality fitting and constructed with 100% OEM parts. Thus, it guarantees that no matter what happens, your screen will remain intact for an extended period of time.

iPhone Camera Replacement

What parties are complete without selfies? None. But what if you broke your camera? Yes, that can be a bit concerning.  Well, not anymore. Regardless of the condition, we provide services following which you can acquire an easy replacement for iPhone cameras. Our team of experts will make sure that the entire work is executed within no time. Moreover, we provide delivery services where our executives will deliver your iPhone after the camera replacement. Pretty awesome, right? That’s not it. We use original Apple lenses for iPhone camera replacement. Thus, the quality is imposing enough to flaunt the scenic beauty of your next trip on your social media handle. Maybe all this has highly influenced our customers and thus, our popularity is sky-high for iPhone Repair in Dubai. You can always read our customer reviews to get a better conception of our working history.

iphone camera replacement dubai
iphone charging problem repair

iPhone Charging Problem

A faulty charger is the most common problem related to iPhone charging. People tend to suffer from scenarios where the iPhone does not charge at all or charges slow. Would you enjoy using an iPhone with a corrupted charging port? We know we would not. Although, we have the solution for that as well. Our services make sure that you do not have to suffer from any charging related issue as such. We are known for repairing or replacing your charger with quality materials so that it can remain intact. Besides, you would not have to wait long for it. That’s because our expert team is capable enough to execute the entire service within a limited period of time. For concerning problems that have no fix as such, you will have to opt for a new charger. That will not be a problem at all, as we provide charger replacements as well. This will further retain you from going here and there for assistance. The products provided by us are again prominent, high quality, and environment-friendly in nature when compared to other iPhone service center in Dubai.

iPhone Battery Replacement 

Batteries are an important entity of an iPhone. Any problem with that requires a replacement. The good news is we provide assistance for that as well.To save time, the entire process is executed pretty quickly. Iphone Repair Dubai further make sure to check the performance after the replacement so that you can stay away from any struggle. The batteries that we use for replacement are certainly top-notch. It’s installation once will keep you away from any repeated change. Thus, you can be less concerned about random breakouts. Hence, with our initiative, you are moving one step forward towards a cleaner and better environment. You can get a battery replacement for iPhone models like iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and 11 respectively.

iphone batttery replacement in dubai
iphone service center in dubai

iPhone Back Glass Change or Replacement

Nothing looks as good as an iPhone that is protected with an iPhone back glass. Not only does it grant that classy look to the device but also helps you flaunt the iPhone with protection. For such circumstances, an unfortunate breaking of the back glass can be a nightmare for many. Such a situation calls for an iPhone back glass change or replacement. Our team of experts makes sure that you do not have to roam here and there for it. As with our services, you can get both iPhone back change or replacement without any issue. The quality of our back glass is top notch and is known for better protection and durability. This stability of the iPhone back glass administers adequate security to it. It further keeps you away from damaging your iPhone back glass every now and then. All our services are executed by individuals who are well educated and skilled enough. Our past customer history affirms a satisfactory outcome for all our clients. This for sure marks our place among the top iPhone service center in Dubai.

iPhone Touch not Working 

The most disturbing problem related to an iPhone is its broken touch. When the touch gets hampered it is very doubtful that the device will work properly. For such cases, it is recommended to opt for our services that can repair it within a lesser time. Our services include expert iPhone touch repairment so that you can get that new smooth touch vibe instantly. All the work output provided by us is satisfactory. We further make sure that the quality of materials used by us are top-notch and suitable for use. Opting for our services is pretty simple and the entire work is executed effortlessly. Furthermore, we provide delivery services after the repair so that you can stay away from that. 

From iPhone 7 to iPhone 11, name a model and we will be there to repair it for you. We care about our environment just as you do. Thus, all the tools and materials used by us are absolutely environment-friendly.

iphone touch not working
iphone power button not working

iPhone Power Button Not Working

What is the use of having an iPhone, if you can’t turn it off or on? iPhone users confront situations where they tend to struggle with the power button. Either the power button does not work at all, or it works very unwillingly. Now, both situations are rather frustrating for obvious reasons and demands for a repair.  Our servicemen make sure you get out of the situation despite the damage particularly. The availability of diverse tools grants you a fix that will last forever. Thus, our assistance will assure you of prolonged persistence. We understand that the worst part of any repair is the long wait. Although, that is definitely not the cause of concern with our organization as we take limited time to execute the repair. 

You can now sit back and relax at home, while we do the work for you. That’s because our delivery team delivers your device after fixing it.

iPhone Home Button Replacement


Sometimes we tend to face a situation where the iPhone home button can break, crack, damage, or get stuck. The iPhone Home button can get damaged due to numerous reasons. This includes both hardware as well as software related problems. However, we hold a spectacular position in executing the iPhone home button replacement as our organization is renowned for the same. The damaged part will be replaced with high-quality materials to keep you away from random replacements. Our next day delivery return solves your additional concerns for such situations as well. You would not have to come to us, but we will come to you for delivery. The service provided by us is processed in no time. All you have to do is come up with your query. Once we receive it, our individuals will contact you from our end. This will start the fixing process immediately.

iphone home button replacement
iphone software issue

iPhone Software Issues

Any problem with the iPhone software can result in serious issues and may further affect the normal performance of the device. Be it White Screen of Death, WiFi or Bluetooth issues, 3D touch problems, lockups or freezes, or user interface lag, we make sure that all of it gets fixed within the assigned time. The experts hired by us will inspect the cause of the problem and fix it accordingly. Each individual hired by us is highly qualified and skilled to fix your device. Thus, you can trust us blindly. We also assure you that with our repair, you would not have to go for any other issues in the future. To experience our service, all you have to do is let us know your problem. We will look into the matter and fix it. After doing so, we will make sure to check if the problem recurs. Once done, we will contact you and let u know regarding the same.

Other iPhone Repairs

That’s not it. We are extremely known for providing other repairing services for your iPhone. Thus, you can always trust us blindly for any other iPhone related problems. No matter what your problem is, the entire matter will be thoroughly scrutinized and assistance will be provided accordingly. We repair almost all the iPhone models. The list includes models like iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and 11.  Our past customer history is satisfactory for iPhone repair in Dubai and hopefully, you will be able to experience the same with us without any doubt.

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