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Tablet issues are most of the annoying problems for daily users and you won’t be able to perform a single task with that device without ignoring it. Startup error, black screen issues, touchpad working problems, battery charging issues, etc are the common but the most critical issues that are encountered by most of the tablet users. However, we are going to discuss the various tablet issues in UAE with proper solutions and you can opt for services from Tablet Repair Dubai.

Mione Mi-Pad Issues

Lots of issues that you can see in Mione Mi-Pad is discussed below.

Screen Flashing Problem

Sometimes, you can see that the Mione Mi-Pad screen starts to flash suddenly and nothing is showing up on the screen. It generally occurs due to either for a low battery or brightness issue. So, connect it to an external adapter for taking charge and try to increase the brightness level that is the primary solution to overcome the problem. 

If still the problem persists, then remove the recently launched apps and upgrade the apps with the latest version. To overcome the problem, you can also opt for the Tablet Repair Dubai and fix the critical issues permanently. 

Touch Screen Issue

Many a time, the Mione tablet users suffer from touch screen issue and touch screen stops to work without showing any reason. It happens at the time of accessing an app or when you are ready to launch an app. Then, you can see that you are tapping on that icon multiple times but the app is still unresponsive and is taking too much time to load. 

You might use the tablet after clearing your dirty hand and then reboot the device in Normal Mode to check whether the same issue persists or not. 

Error 963

The Mione tablet users often face problems when they are trying to download an app on their device. The downloading process is basically stuck with an unexpected error message, “Error 963. The Download is failed”. Then, you need to check the internet connection first and if any problem is found in the faulty cable, then replace it with a new one and modify the internet settings appropriately. 

Moreover, you can perform a factory reset and press the Reset button from the back of the router if you are a wireless user. In case of a severe issue, you can opt the Tablet Repair Abu Dhabi to avoid the download issue easily. 

Lenovo Device Issues

Lenovo users often face the issues with the Lenovo tablet when they are trying to restart the device after updating it. Most of the time, the device fails to perform a reboot and shows the BSOD error. You might change the configuration and upgrade all the drivers to avoid this device conflict.

Discover Tablet Problems

This tablet includes the BSOD error, startup error, like major issues.

Black Screen Issues

If you launch an app from your Discover Tablet such as Note 4 Plus, then getting an error is not an uncommon issue for the users. It happens when you tap on an application but the screen turns into black without by showing the message, “ App is not working”. Moreover, the device fails to give a real-time response without any notification.


The problem might occur due to the virus attack or for storage insufficiency. If the app is too large to launch, then it can’t be opened on the display due to lack of memory space. So, try to keep your device empty. Another reason that is responsible for this problem is device incompatibility. So, try to install the latest version of the application that must be supported by the Discover tablet OS version.

Keeps Restarting Continuously

Many times, you can see that the system takes restart automatically and then no message is displayed on the screen. It is one kind of startup error. You might perform an advanced repair to resolve this annoying issue and our technical expert team of Tablet Repair UAE is experienced enough to mitigate the problem effectively. 

Turning off Problem

The Discover Tablet users often may encounter the device freezing issue. When you launch an app, then you can encounter this issue. Moreover, the device starts to freeze at the initial stage and finally, the device is damaged permanently. Then, run a factory reset program to fix it. 

Difficulties with Lenosed Android Tab

  1. Android App Not Working issue you might face often if you are a user of the Lenosed Android tablet. The screen flickering issue occurs at the same time and you might take necessary action like upgrading the device and modify the configuration by resetting the device.
  2. Battery Charging Problem is one of the annoying issues for the Lenosed tab and it can be fixed either by replacing it or repair it. Then, connect with a consultant for reliable assistants.

Easy Fun Tablet Problems

  • Battery charging issue is one of the most common problems in Easy Fun tablet and then, you might change the adapter and battery as soon as possible.
  • “Not Connected to WiFi” is another significant issue for the Easy Fun tab users. As it supports only the 4G connection, then without modifying the settings of the network, you won’t be able to use other slower connections if necessary. However, Tech Experts of Tablet Repair Dubai are skilled enough to fix this issue efficiently. 

Conflicts with Huwai Media Tablet

Touch Screen not working problem is a critical problem and you can’t ignore it as it is the biggest problem in touch screen device ahead. Then, you might reboot the system and connect with experienced Experts for reliable assistance.

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We have explained the effective methods to repair the tablets effectively. Moreover, we have tried to define the significant reasons that create an annoying hassle and it helps you to identify the problem at the fundamental stage. So, we hope this page will be beneficial to mitigate the error with ease.

However, you might consult with a tech expert of Tablet Repair Abu Dhabi if you are not a tech-savvy person. Moreover, our experienced team is specially trained to perform Tablet Repair. So, place a call at our helpline number: 042480523 and get a reliable on-time service.