For your own security, it is obvious that you should set a screen lock, face lock, or fingerprint in the iPhone. Sometimes, it happens that you can forget the password. Or, on the other hand, the device might also be unable to recognize your face or the fingerprint. In this type of situation, it becomes a hectic situation for you to use the device. 

In this type of situation, iPhone repair Dubai can help you out. They can also provide you with valuable advice for correctly handling the phone, preventing glitches in the near future.

When your iPhone gets disabled?

If you cannot enter the correct password, face ID or fingerprint, then after several attempts the phone can get disabled instantly. Apple has set up this entire procedure by ensuring proper security of your device, as well as the data. Thus, you must know when and how the phone gets disabled. 

After 5 incorrect attempts, the device gets disabled for one minute. So, try again after one minute. On 7 wrong attempts, the device will get disabled and you have to try out again after 5 minutes. If you keep on attempting wrong entries, and it happens 8 consecutive times, then you have to try again for 15 minutes. 

On 9 wrong entries, you have to wait 1 hour for the phone to get enabled. Apple has a sophisticated procedure on attempting the final 10 wrong incorrect password attempts, then you don’t connect the device to iTunes, and all the data in the iPhone will self-destruct. 

Enabling the iPhone

There are several ways through which you can unlock the iPhone. But, the professionals associated with iPhone repair Dubai suggest the best methods that will help you to get the job done. Just operate the phone carefully and make sure that you get success at the very first attempt. 

  1. Enable with the iTunes

Get the USB lightning cable. Connect the device to your PC. iTunes must open automatically. If it doesn’t happen, then open the application manually. When the application opens, you will be able to see the icon of your device. Click on it and it will open all the necessary information. Now, hit on “Summary” and choose “Restore iPhone”. If you get a pop-up message about turning off “Find my iPhone”, then use the recovery mode to turn it off. After that, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. 

  1. Use the Finder

Finder is the built-in feature of Macintosh OS. In order to unlock the device, as usual, connect the device to the computer and open Finder. Then, choose the name of the device from the menu and select “Restore backup”. Now, click on the backup file. If you have encrypted the backup, then enter the correct password. Wait for the syncing and restart process to complete. If you cannot find the “Finder”, then ask the experts associated with iPhone repair Dubai, they will assist you regarding this procedure. 

  1. With the help of iCloud 

iCloud is the official cloud storage service for all iOS and Macintosh users. It will also help you in enabling your locked phone. Open your default browser and iCloud. Enter the correct log-in credentials of Apple and the user-interface will open. Select “All Devices” and choose your device. Now, select “Erase iPhone”. Confirm the operation by applying the Apple ID and password. After that confirm by clicking on “Erase” and wait for the task to complete. 

  1. Utilize the Recovery Mode

The recovery mode is the last option to retrieve the device when it is disabled. Just like the old times, plug-in the device to your system. Open Finder and force restart the device. If you are using iPhone 6, 6s or previous, then hold the top volume button, along with the home button. The Apple logo will appear, don’t release until the device gets into the recovery mode. 

For iPhone 7 or above, hold the + as well as – volume rocker button simultaneously. Just like the previous one, the Apple logo will appear and you must not release both buttons unless the device enters the recovery mode. For the rest of the models, the process is the same. In addition to that, you can also follow the same procedure in case of an iPad. 


When you are not using the latest model of the iPhone, then you will only be able to use iTunes. Apple has drawn a closure on iTunes and it will not be compatible with the new devices. Always try to keep the Apple ID and password safe. It will be much easier to remember if you create an easy ID and password. And, you can join the Mobile Repair Dubai team, if you forget the pin lock instead or password lock. The professionals might be able to help you at the earliest.