Generally, OnePlus devices provide the best user experience when compared with other Android devices. Hence, we can say it’s quite surprising if you are facing any issues. However, sometimes due to numerous reasons you might have to suffer from performance-related issues or problems with the display or battery life of your OnePlus 8 device.

So, let’s check what can lead to the problems on One Plus 8 and how can you resolve them.

Here’s how to Fix the Common OnePlus 8 Problems

It’s rare to experience an issue in the OnePlus device rather than the hardware problem. However, if you suddenly notice that your OnePlus 8 response slowly or the battery draining too quickly, then you can call the experts of Mobile Repair Dubai or follow the guide till the end.

1. Fix OnePlus 8 Performance issue

Most of the time due to software issues or mismatch updating settings, your OnePlus 8 device might respond slowly. Fortunately, the troubleshooting tips are very simple and quick to apply. Let’s dig up and check how you can fix the problem.

Always Restart your Device

The restarting procedure of the OnePlus 8 device is completely different from the other mobile phones. At first, you have to simultaneously press the Volume Up and Power button for 2 to 3 seconds. In addition, hit the Restart button. Once your device has been successfully booted up, check if the issue has been sorted or not.

Check the Misbehaving Applications

If you encounter an app that consumes more power than any other normal application, select the app to check how much it’s running in the background. Now, you will see the background usage of this app. Then, what you have to do is to optimize the application. It will prevent it from background activities. 

Ensure that your Device has Sufficient Storage Space

In case, your device does not have enough storage space, then it responds slowly. Hence, you are advised to launch the Setting application and then tap on the Storage option. In case, you see the storage space is full, you are advised to remove some unnecessary applications and raise the storage space limit.

Uninstall the unused applications

This is another effective way that you can try to improve the performance of your OnePlus 8 device. For that, first, visit the Settings section. Here, select the unused application. Right-click on each of the applications and uninstall them. Keep in mind, from the Play Store, you can always reinstall the application. Hope after this, your OnePlus 8 device will run normally. 

Reset to the Default Settings

In case, you have already uninstalled the unused apps, tracking all the apps but still your device response slowly, you should reset your device to the default settings. To do so, first, you should, launch the Settings app. From there move to the System tab and under here tap on the Reset option. However, if still, nothing happens, get in touch with the technician of the mobile repair Dubai and resolve all your queries under one roof.

2. Tips to Fix the Battery Issue

OnePlus 8 devices come with a 4300mAh battery and most of the time, without any battery issue, you can use the phone. However, if you encounter problems and want to extend the battery life, here are a few things that you can try.

Head Back to the 60Hz Refresh Rate

OnePlus 8 devices have an AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. This can be useful to play games. However, the downside of this refresh rate is that it reduces the battery life quickly. Hence, if your battery drains too quickly, you are advised to switch back to the 60Hz refresh rate.

To do so, first, launch the Settings app. Under here, scroll down and tap on the DIsplay option. Furthermore, choose the Advanced button. Tap on the Refresh rate. Under here, you should set the refresh rate to 60Hz.

Activate the Battery Optimization

If you don’t wish to head back to the 60Hz mode, then by tweaking the battery optimization mode, you can extend the battery life of your OnePlus 8 device. To enable this feature, first, move to the Setting app. Under here, locate and tap on the Battery option. 

Instantly, several options will be available on the screen. Now, choose Battery Optimization from the Context menu. You can adjust the Battery Optimization for each of the individual apps and can get control over memory management.

Still, the OnePlus 8 battery drains too quickly? Contact the experts of mobile repair Dubai today and get a reliable solution at the earliest and that too at a reasonable price. 

3. Tips to Solve Touchscreen Problems

Millions of users come with the touchscreen issue. The touch screen issue mainly occurs if the resolution rate is set to 120Hz. To fix the problem, you might have to change the display resolution. Remember that after changing the resolution, you should reboot your device.

According to some users by disabling the three-finger screenshot, the error can be resolved. Now, to do so, open the Settings section, and from there choose the Buttons & Gestures option. Select Quick Gestures in the next window and thereafter turn off the Three-finger screenshot feature.  

Sometimes, deducing the animation speed can fix the touchscreen problem. To do so, move to the Settings and then hit the About Phone option. Here, you have to tap the build number several times until the ‘You are now a developer’  message appears on the screen. 

Again, go to the Setting section and tap on the System button. In addition, click on the Developer tab. Under the Developer tab, you should scroll below and choose the Drawing option. Thereafter, you have to set the animation scale set to 0.5x.

4. Android Auto Problem

You might encounter the Android Auto connection error if you use the OnePlus Switch feature in order to set up your new smartphone. In such a scenario, go to the Google Play Store and find out the Auto Connection application and uninstall it. You can again download the Auto Connection app from the Play Store.

Also, if there’s an issue with the app settings, then move to the Settings. Tap on Google and choose Device Connection from the next page. After that, hit the Android Auto button. Under Android Auto, you will see everything that you require. 

In case, you are dealing with frequent disconnections, it means there’s a hardware issue. Thoroughly inspect the cables and if you find any damaged cable, immediately replace it with a new one.


These are the common OnePlus 8 problems and their solutions. Apart from this, your device might suffer from different other technical issues. In such circumstances, get in touch with the Mobile Repair Dubai experts, they can be a smart choice. Besides, you can visit the website to check the vast array of services and customer feedback.