Android 11As of now, Android 10 has been working perfectly for Android users but developers have been working hard on building the next version of Android 11. The latest reports suggest that Google has recently announced the public beta version of Android 11. 

This implies that the release is a developer preview model and can be used in Pixel smartphones. That being said, the first developer preview was related in February 2020 followed by many series of developer preview models of Android 11 beta version. 

That sums up to the fact that the next release will have the full page including platform stability. So far, as per the preview released, the features are a standout. Let’s take a look at them and get more details on what Android 11 has to offer:

When is the Alpha Android 11 Version Releasing?

The launch date of Android 11 has not been confirmed by Google as of yet. That being that, the announcement of the release date was supposed to be online. However, under certain circumstances, the release of the beta model of android 11 got postponed to 11th June from 3rd of June, 2020. 

As of now, the second beta version of Android 11 has already been released. This implies that the main OS platform will take longer to be released. For instance, by the end of the year. On the other hand, Google has made some indications for the date to be on the 8th of September. However, there can always be changes. 

What’s New in Android 11: Key Features to Check out!

There are some excellent features to check out on Android 11. The reports and analysis on Android 11 beta version, suggests that Google has made some innovations in there:

1. Dark Mode 

Dark Mode is a familiar setting if you’re using Android 10. However, Android 11 will have a customized setting for setting up the Dark Theme. You can set a timer to schedule the Dark Mode Theme, or set a standard timing of sunset and sunrise timing, or you can also manually set it on and off. 

2. One-Time Permissions 

Google has made some strong protocols such as this, for more safety and optimization. In Android 11, the permission settings will have an option upon request from an application, any default setting will be in use for the same session. 

After that, it will expire. This way you’re more in control, as now you won’t have to let any application use a configuration, location, contacts, and storage once you’ve given permission. Rather, it will ask every time. 

3. Message Bubble 

Previously, whenever a text message arrived on the regular messaging platform, it would appear as a standard notification on the top of the screen. In Android 11, that is different. Instead, a floating bubble of the message will appear in the center of the screen. This will be similar to Facebook Messenger’s Chat Head. 

4. Screen Recording

Previously, Screen Recording was a bit difficult since the use of third-party applications was involved. This is because Android 10 did have a built-in Screen Recorder until it vanished. Android 11 gives you the benefit of a record screen with its built-in application. 

5. Resizable Window 

Additionally, one feature of Android 11 holds a unique change. Previously, if you wanted to minimize media content, for example, a Youtube Video, or an Amazon Prime video, a window would be created. This window would float on top of the screen above background applications. This floating window was of a specific size. Android 11 offers you the ability to change the size of the window. 

Additional Updates to Check Out in Android 11 Developer Preview 3!

There are more updates and features to not miss in Android 11:

  • You’ll have the ability to clear all the notifications like messages and others, including Bluetooth.  
  • Android 11 offers a multitasking list with settings to undo a task, such as removing an application. Now, you won’t have to reinstall them if you’ve accidentally removed an app. 
  • Android 11 comes with a configurable Gesture Sensitivity option that is applicable for both the right and left side of the screen display. 
  • In Android 11, you can also share the connection of the Internet using a USB Ethernet connection. 

The Android 11 version might have more key features, so stay updated to get more news on the release!