While driving a car, your vehicle releases harmful poisonous waste products in the form of gas that affects the air. The same rule applies to electronic waste. Due to numerous reasons, your electronics device can be broken and you can’t do anything other than throwing it away.

Do you know where do all the worn-out batteries, broken smartphones, as well as other broken or damaged electronics devices go? These damage devices are known as electronic waste. These electronics waste can harm the environment in many ways. Also, according to a recent survey, the total electronic waste is currently more than 50 million now.

Hope, you understand, how serious the situation is and you must try several device repair strategies in order to limit electronics waste. Fortunately, to guide you, professionals associated with mobile repair Dubai have come with effective tactics that you can apply.

Electronic Waste’s Impact on Nature

These are the ways electronics wastes can damage the environment:

  • Air Pollution: Wires burning always release hydrocarbons in the atmosphere.
  • Soil Pollution: Sometimes, heavy metals are absorbed by the plants from the soil and as a result, these heavy metals can enter within the food chain.
  • Water Pollution: Almost each and every electronic device is designed with some toxic metals such as lithium, mercury and lead. Throwing the electronic devices into the ponds, lake and groundwater means the toxic metals will mix with the water and will significantly damage your health.

Now, let’s check some ways, that you can implement with ease, to limit the E-Waste

How to limit the E-Waste?

Professionals associated with mobile repair Dubai take the electronics waste problem very seriously. And, on the basis of experience, here we have listed a couple of strategies that will surely reduce the electronics waste level.

  1. Properly Dispose of & Recycle the E-Waste

Improper disposed electronics waste is more dangerous. Because of this, big brands such as Samsung, Apple, suggest their customers recycle old electronics devices. If you recycle the old electronics, then you can reuse the electronics parts. This will surely save lots of energy, as well as you don’t have to immediately buy a new electronic device.

  1. Well- maintain your Electronics Device

The best way to reduce electronics waste is to well maintain your device. Here, we have provided easy tips to well-maintained your device.

Well- Maintain your Computer or Laptop

Ensure that your SSD or the PC’s hard drive does not get completely destroyed. As it will help your computer to run smoothly for a long time.

Regularly, clean your computer screen, keyboard, so that your computer does not get dirty. Always, try to avoid the overcharging issue. This simply means, before the battery charges 100%, you must unplug the charger.

Maintain a Mobile Device

Always use a phone case, so that if by mistake you drop our phone, it will not break. Similarly to computers, before the battery reaches 100 % charges, unplug the charger.  Clean your mobile phone at least once a week, this will add years to your mobile lifecycle.

  1. Sell your Electronics Device

One of the simplest and easiest ways to reduce electronics waste is to donate or sell your old gadget to the person who really needs it. Also, if you wish to sell your device, then you can get a customer easily, as they need to pay much less money when compared to a new one.

On the other hand, if you wish to donate your electronics gadget, then before doing so, make sure you have erased all the important information from your device.

  1. Always think before Buying

Don’t just purchase a new electronic device and before buying a new gadget, consider the following factors:

  • Is it urgent to buy the device?
  • Will the device add value to your professional and personal life?

In case, the answer is No. Then, you should re-evaluate your thoughts and must avoid purchasing a new device. Apart from this, you can use your old device to perform important tasks. 

Let’s take an example, you can use your old mobile phone as a GPS device or as a mp3 player.

  1. Store Data Online

If you store your data online, then from anywhere around the world, you can access it. And, there’s no need to always carry a storage device. Thus, we advise you to use cloud services as it will always give you sufficient storage. It will also indirectly reduce the curbs and carbon footprint.

  1. Try to Repair your Broken Electronics Items at Home

Along with well-maintaining your device, you must gather some knowledge about how to solve the hardware problem on your device. You can visit several online sites and from there learn the repairing procedure. Apart from this, you can purchase any repairing tool kit and try to fix the basic hardware issues at your home.

Besides, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube, on how to replace the phone screen or how to fix a broken laptop.

  1. Always Purchase the Start Rated Electronics

If you buy a star rated electronics product, this will surely reduce your electricity bills, as well as consume less energy. Also, as it consumes less energy, it means the device will indirectly reduce the resource load and save the environment.


Lastly, if you avoid unnecessarily electronics components, you will be a part of the contribution towards saving the environment. Also, always try to use your old device as much as possible and don’t instantly purchase a new gadget and throw the old one. Besides, if you wish to resolve pesky issues then join with the professionals associated with Mobile Repair Dubai.