Those days are gone when you had to wait for a long time till you could contact a plumber Dubai expert for any emergency plumbing accident and also had to wait in a queue. Now, the scenario is completely different and you can avail emergency plumber Dubai services from distinguished service providers in Dubai on the same day. All the credit for instant plumbing services Dubai goes to the advent of plumbing service apps and their compatibility with smartphones.

Every leading home and office service-based company has launched its very own service application. From the mobile applications, you can easily place a service request for plumbing services Dubai. That’s too whenever and wherever in Dubai you want, on the go. Whether you are at home or at the office, just grab your phone and there you go. 

Well, let’s check 4 most prominent plumbing service apps for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Atdoorstep

Plumbing services are more exquisite and complicated than you can imagine. From sanitary fitting Dubai to washing machine installation, plumbing is essential. And, if you are looking for an all-rounder performance for water heater leak fix, bathroom accessories installation, sewer repair, kitchen repair then Atdoorstep is the one that you can trust.

With licensed and experienced plumbers in Dubai, Atdoorstep proudly serves plumbing necessities. Whether you require water tank repair, water pump repair or maintenance, swimming pool repair, everything is available under the plumbing package of Atdoorstep.

Apart from the diversity of plumbing services in Dubai, you can expect only embellished and perfect finishing to the plumbing works. And, with their mobile application, you can easily book any plumbing service at your convenience. It needs no cost to register yourself with the Atdoorstep mobile application. Apart from immediate plumbing services, you can avail cleaning, electrical and electronics repair, handyman services, AC servicing and much more with the Atdoorstep mobile app.

  1. Service Market

This home-service based company has launched enormous services and plumbing is one of them. Service Market is fairly popular among the residents of Dubai, due to its fixed charges for any kind of home and commercial services. The registered plumbers of Service Market provide fridge installation & fixing, cooking range installation for commercial kitchen. 

Additionally, you can avail basic plumbing repairs and maintenance such as faucet, shower head repair, replacement, and toilet fixing tap leakage services. The expert plumbers wisely deal with the leakage in the toilet, air conditioner and water heater pipes.

Similarly, Service Market has offered you an application for placing your service request, for plumbing services in Dubai. And, it takes a few seconds to get your service request granted once you place the booking at Service Market.

  1. Urban Company

A leaky tap not only indicated the flow of water but also high expenses if you don’t take quick action. And, if you are looking for a certified plumbing services Dubai, then Urban Company never fails to impress you. Along with trained and professional plumbers, and an advanced toolset, the company is ready to deliver a clogged drain opener, sink repair services. Other recommendable plumbing works from Urban Company are drainage system cleaning, drainage pipe fixing, toilet and bathroom accessories installation.

All the associated plumbers with Urban Company are duly vetted and checked. They are efficient enough to extend water connection, insulate plumbing pipes around your residence and office. 

You can download and install their handy mobile application. The mobile application of Urban Company supports both the Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, the app has earned appreciation from a vast number of users due to its efficacy and user-friendly features, as well.

  1. Spectrum Services

If you don’t want to take any chance either with the water (you use for daily tasks) or with the water damage challenges to your property, then you should avail services from a master plumbing intervention. Spectrum Services, undoubtedly, serve you with the best-in-class plumbing standards for tap leakage, pipe fixing, toilet flush not working, AC pipe leakage and other day-to-day problems.

Additionally, the in-house plumber Dubai experts deal with complicated washing machine installation, toilet installation and plumbing insulation. It requires years of experience that makes a difference in the perfect plumbing solutions. And, Spectrum Services and its plumbing services Dubai are unbeatable in this case.

And, the company has recently surprised its customers by delivering the same reliability through the mobile application. Now, you can book any service from the mobile app at any time and enjoy the service at the comfort of your home.

How to Book Plumbing Services Dubai through Mobile Phones?

If you are thinking that you have to surf through the websites of the service providers, then it can take more time to place a booking. On the other hand, you might have to enter your credentials again and again, whenever you have to request for a service. That’s the major reason why the service providers have launched mobile applications.

With mobile applications, the service booking process has gone compact, overnight. Now, you need not log into your service account every time you explore the service application. Let’s begin the use of application service from the very initials.

  • Whether you have an Android or iOS device, install the plumbing services Dubai app. If you are an Android user, then go for Google Play Store. Otherwise, head towards the App Store. Download any of the above-mentioned mobile applications.
  • Once the app installs, you should create an account. Or, you can sign in with the existing one, if you are a former customer of the service vendor. Now, you have to select the plumbing services Dubai that you are seeking.
  • Next, mention all your requirements or specifications, if prompted. Share your location and personal details. And, make your move towards the payment procedure. With Atdoorstep, you can easily choose your convenient transaction mode.

So, Make your Move now…

After a successful payment, the app will let you know when you can expect the plumber Dubai service. Thus, it is that simple to book a plumbing service from your home or when you are on the way. Additionally, you can monitor and track the professional until they deliver you with the plumbing service.