When you are talking about the iPhone, everything seems mesmerizing from its built-in structure, display, camera, iOS platform and all. Apple knows how to offer the best smartphones, wrapping the features in a charismatic enclosure. And, the most recent launches of the iPhone 12 series is evidence to the statement. Apple has indeed claimed the iPhone 12 as the fastest, most reliable innovation, till the date.

With A14 Bionic chip, amazing iOS infusion, 5G connectivity and magnificent camera performances, iPhone 12 series are in the wish-list of almost everyone. But, according to the iPhone Repair Dubai experts, the repair scope for iPhone 12 cameras is nearly null. Well, this would break your heart as soon as you come to know about the significance of iPhone repair services. After all, almost every electronic device is prone to hitches and glitches, at any time. Let’s dive in the details regarding the complications with iPhone 12 camera repair.

iPhone 12: Nightmare for Third-Party Repairs?

Apple is gradually taking control over their in-house innovations from manufacturing, repair and other aspects. It is literally limiting the scope of third-party repairs, as witnessed by the recent trends, in the latest launches from this business tycoon. However, Apple has never compromised on quality and technology aspects. But, the iPhone 12 series has acquired camera modules that are relatable with software compatibility.

Recently, iPhone users have found this fact while experimenting with camera modules. It has been learnt that when the technician replaces the original iPhone camera with a substitute one, the iPhone hardly responds to the newly placed camera. The issues occur with the ultra-wide lens. 

However, only a few camera modes are found to be operative. Recently, a YouTuber has tried the same experiment with an existing camera module of a different iPhone camera module. After a successful swapping of cameras on iPhone 12, the camera module on iPhone 12 stopped working.

This incident has generally put up a question over the future of the third-party repair chances of iPhone 12. If the iPhone 12 series denies accepting the third-party cameras and other peripherals, then the third-part iPhone repair services would lose their popularity. Additionally, you can expect a hefty expense due to availing only OEM products from Apple Stores. 

On the other hand, another expert demanded that the compatibility will be decided by an authorization application. If the authorization application permits the swapping of two iPhone camera modules, only then third-party repairs would get a chance to stand. Otherwise, the camera module of iPhones would turn out to be nothing more than obsolete.

What’s the Way out?

Well, still now, Apple hasn’t commented anything on the camera swapping movement and the incompatibility of the camera. Although, the authority has expressed its commitment towards a reliable and Apple-assured repair and replacement programs. Apple has already initiated its move to make the genuine replacement parts available for its customers.

Moreover, the program has included steps on training the technicians on iPhone repairs and replacements. The authorized Apple service providers can facilitate 100% genuine tools, repair techniques, and provide the spare parts for any replacement.

Therefore, it’s crystal clear that you have to reduce the dependency on third-party repairs until they can find you compatible mediums or spare parts. So, in a nutshell, you can’t avail camera replacement or swap to a damaged iPhone 12 camera module. And, it should pass the authorization test from the software. 

Additionally, you might have availed iPhone 12 repair services from authorized iPhone service providers. Only there, you can avail the assured and genuine camera module and other peripherals for the device. Moreover, iPhone Repair Dubai is another ultimate destination for trademark and quality iPhone repair and replacement services. The technicians have got the right skills and genuine replacement parts to bestow the proper functionality of your dead iPhone.


However, this is not the first time when the iPhone has challenged the third-party repair initiatives. Previously, the battery of the iPhone had shown the same inconveniences or issues when replaced by a so-called compatible one. Well, let’s see if Apple restricts third-party repairs. Till then, avail of iPhone repair services for any of the iPhone models from iPhone Repair Dubai for an immediate solution.