Most of the Samsung Galaxy flagship phone’s backside is made up of glass. It looks dashing, owing to its shining property. But, there is also a risk of breaking the backside glass, if somehow you accidentally drop the device. A mobile phone that has a broken backside glass will not at all look good. 

Mobile repair Dubai service can help you to fix any type of problems related to your smartphones. Seeking help from them is indeed a wise decision. If the phone is within the international warranty, then you can encash that benefit too. But, you too need to take certain actions, read to know more.

Important things to take into consideration

If you have planned for fixing the broken glass by yourself, then you have to know about certain aspects. Without taking these things into consideration, it will be quite difficult for you to accomplish the task. 

Know the Mechanism

After analysing the device, you might wonder about how the broken glass is attached to the phone. Actually, the back glass is attached to the backside frame of the device with a high-quality adhesive. As the glass gets broken, you need a sophisticated collection of tools to open it. If you are a newbie, then the glass can create a cloud-like appearance, which is harmful. 

Brief Idea of the Broken Glass Removal Process

You must use such a tool that does not melt when in contact with a strong adhesive. Therefore, you can remove the glass with ease. In some cases, alcohol also comes in handy in the removal process. After removing the glass, gather the shattered particles of glass, somewhere safe, to avoid any type of accident. 

Identifying Risk Management 

Yes, you must not at all think that this entire operation is quite easy. There is a high possibility of various types of risks that can occur. Detaching and re-inserting the mobile frame, taking care of the broken glass, managing the screws, if necessary, and other such crucial aspects. If you don’t want to take any kind of risk, then seek help from mobile repair Dubai and get the job done, with complete assurance. 

DIYs to Fix the Samsung’s Back Glass 

For fixing the device all by yourself, you have to first buy a new back glass for your mobile phone. Make sure you buy it from a good retailer and check whether it is of good quality. If not, return the product immediately and get a new one instead. 

  1. Remove the Glass

Get a heat gun or some kind of equipment that blows hot air. This will soften the adhesive and easily the broken glass will come out. Now, remove the back cover and separate the plastic clips from the edges of the device. Do it gently as these mechanisms are very delicate. 

If they don’t open, apply heat. Now, it is time to remove the camera lenses. Observe the number of screws present there. Softly and gently, unscrew them to open the lenses. After that, keep them aside as they are expensive. 

  1. Place the New Glass

Unwrap the new glass and place it at the backside of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Hopefully, you have bought a special kind of adhesive that meets the necessary criteria. Before placing the glass, make sure that there are no dust particles present at the back surface. Peel out the plastic covering from the adhesive and place the glass on it. After the glass is set, press the edges a little bit to finish the job. 

Mitigate Damages during the Process 

If this kind of damage happens with your Samsung device, then mobile repair Dubai always suggests people buy insurance. You can buy it during the time of getting the device. In the insurance policy, Samsung will cover some of the physical damages. You just have to pay a small amount of money. On the other hand, the international warranty will cover the entire internal damage of the device. 

While signing in the insurance papers make sure that you read all the terms and conditions. You must also provide the correct documentation to get the insurance. After that, select the best-suited insurance plan. Your mobile carrier also offers certain plans for the device. If you are eager to take it, then go through all the details and then make your decision, wisely. Lastly, experts associated with mobile repair Dubai are readily available to support you.