While it is constantly encouraged to stay safe from germs, we have always neglected the facts. But, now the coronavirus outbreak has made people go to an intensive extent to keep the surrounding environment clean. This additionally goes for the objects we stay in direct contact with consistently. This certainly includes your smartphone, computer as well as keyboard. 

According to scientists at the University of Arizona, a smartphone can contain 10 times more germs than toilet paper. Don’t panic, here we have explored some easy and effective tips that will help you to make your smartphone germs free and protect you from coronavirus.

Do your Tech Devices or Smartphone Contain Coronavirus?

According to scientists, coronavirus can live up to 2 to 3 days on stainless steel or plastic. The center for Disease Control & Prevention suggests cleaning all the ‘high-contact’ surfaces every day, including your smartphone, keyboard, and tablet PC.  

According to the Public Health Authorized center, more than 137000 people have been affected by coronavirus through their smartphones and other technology-related devices. Among them, almost 5000 people died. 

Hope you understand the importance of cleaning your technical device. Let’s check out some easy and quick tips to clean and disinfect your smartphone.

How you can Easily Clean your Smartphone and Other Technical Devices?

Both Google and Apple provide instructions to clean the Pixels and iPhones. These guidelines can be applied for other smartphones too, as it has similar features. Before proceeding further, you must remember that recently Apple has announced that you can clean your iPhones with wipes. Let’s see how you can clean your smartphone in an effective way.

Step 1

Before you start, you have to ensure that your smartphone is turned off and it is removed from the Cover. In case, your device is turned on, turn it off. Also, ensure that there is no charging cable or headphone connect to your smartphone. Next, take a soft and dry cloth, and clean your smartphone. It will be better if you use the cloth that you generally use to clean your spectacles. 

Step 2

Then, you can either use warm and soapy water or else you can use the Screen Clear. On the other hand, if you use Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 11 series, you can put it in water, depending on the resistance level you can put them under a running tap. You can even use alcohol, but remember that it must be diluted with water. 

Step 3

Now, what you have to do is take the solution, then dip the cloth and ensure that you have removed the excess solution. Next, you have to wipe the smartphone with the damp cloth and then clean it with a dry cloth. For the small corners of the smartphone, like, earpiece and other parts of your phone, you can swab the areas or can use a toothpick or Q tip. 

Step 4

If you use a Q tip, then you have to dip them into the solution. Remove the excess solution and thereafter clean the small corner of your device. Apart from this, you can even clean the SIM card with a Q tip. However, for that, first, you have to remove the SIM card from your device. In addition, if you wish to clean the cover, you can do so. 

Step 5

Keyboards can also contain major bacteria. Therefore, we suggest you clean your keyboard every day before you use it. Just take a soft cloth and after that squeeze-out excessive liquid from the cloth. Next, clean the keyboard with a dry cloth and make sure no liquid drops are present on the LCD screen.

How to Disinfect your Technical Devices?

To disinfect your smartphone, you need a UV smartphone clear. In order to disinfect your device, this smartphone cleaner uses ultraviolet light. And, it is the best way to kill the bacteria or microbes on your device. You can easily order a smartphone online.

Things to Avoid While Cleaning your Smartphone

You shouldn’t use harsh solvents to clean your phone. Smartphones are covered with an oleophobic coating that protects your device from fingerprint spots. So, to retain this cover, you shouldn’t use vinegar or bleach solutions. Apart from this, while cleaning your device avoid paper towels, kitchen cleaner, window cleaner, and makeover remover. 


These were the important aspects that you can regularly do, and keep your tech devices clean, no matter whether there is a coronavirus pandemic or not. Regular maintenance and cleaning can increase the lifespan of your device and enhance its performance.