Your iPhone unknowingly gets full of junk files whenever you surf the internet. Moreover, it has been brought to light that even if you purchase a 16GB iPhone, the entire storage won’t be available for you. Sometimes, this 16GB storage does not seem enough to store your important files and folders. Still, you need to manage your work with this amount of storage only. Thus, you can try out to make adjustments and increase space on your iPhone. Now, this can be done in several ways. So, if you are currently unaware of all these available ways, then keep reading this blog till the end. 

10 Identified ways to Make Space and Fix iPhone Issues:

Is space becoming an important iPhone issue for you, then try out the following shortcuts:

1. Check Your iPhone Usage

First, identify those apps that are taking a lot of internal storage of your phone. You will thereby spot the unexpected storage hogs on your phone. 

So, open the Settings app and tap the ‘Genera’ tab. Choose the ‘Usage’ and then the ‘Manage’ option under it. Your iPhone will display how much space has been already used up and how much is available. Right below this information, you will get the list of apps installed on your iPhone along with the space that they have consumed. Therefore, find out the apps that are not so important and uninstall them for the time being. After making some space, try to save the pending images, videos, music, or any other documents. 

Note: The apps will be ranked in the descending order of their rate of storage. 

2. Remove Unused Games

Your iPhone might contain some games that you haven’t used for once. Though some game apps are small, they might take up more than 1GB of space due to the involvement of 3-D graphics. Besides this, there might be old games hidden on your iPhone. So, look for those games and uninstall them immediately. In case you are identifying these games from the settings app, then tap and hold those games one at a time. As the ‘Delete this app’ option appears, select it to uninstall the particular game. If it solves the storage problem, then it’s better not to install these apps again. 

3. Remove Old Podcasts and Videos

Make sure that you do not have a bunch of podcasts downloaded on your iPhone. If such podcasts are available, then you must delete them quickly. Otherwise, they might eat up several MB of your iPhone storage. So, open the Downloads folder and scroll down the podcasts you have played. Then, swipe left on the podcast you want to delete and get is removed from your iPhone. 

Not only podcasts, but even videos are larger space invaders on your phone. Thus, it is essential to delete or move these files to another device. To delete a video, just access the Video app and swipe left on that particular video. Therefore, tap the ‘Delete’ button to remove that video from your mobile. Repeat the same process for other videos on your iPhone and fix the mobile issue.  

In case you are looking for an app to store your photos or videos, then use Google+. It will offer you an unlimited amount of storage at no cost. To enjoy this facility, you will only need to download this app from the Apple Store and install it on your iPhone. If you do not have a Google account, then create one and go to the app settings. Then, select the second option ‘Over WiFi Only’ for backing up your photos as well as video. If you don’t have a problem using mobile data for backing up photos and videos, then select the ‘Over WiFi or Mobile Network’ option. 

4. Delete the Music You Do Not Listen to

Most of the users download their favorite music to play them when there is no internet connection. But, do you know that music can take up a lot of space in your phone storage? Your preference might change with time and hence you might dislike songs you used to love earlier. Hence, select those songs and tap the ‘Delete’ button to remove them instantly from your iPhone. 

5. Automatically Delete Older Messages

Do not use this method if you find it necessary to refer to your older messages afterward. However, it is a convenient option if you feel reluctant to delete your older threads manually. Now, if you want to select this automatic deletion option, go to settings and tap ‘Messages.’ You will find the ‘Keep Message’ option under the ‘Message History’ section. Next, select 30 days or 1year instead of the ‘forever’ option for the ‘Keep Message’ option. You can then change the time as per your requirements and save the settings. 

Also, you can use this automatic deletion feature for video/audio messages saved on your iPhone. Here you can wish to erase these messages after a period of two minutes as well. Let the option be ‘Never’ if you do not want to delete these video or audio messages without your consent. 

6. Stop Using Photo Stream

iPhones come with a builtin feature ‘Photo Stream’ that syncs the last 1000 downloaded photos across your iOS devices. So, you can turn off this feature if you do not share your photos with other iOS devices. 

To stop using this feature, go to Settings and select ‘Photos and Camera.’ Then, swipe the toggle switch off for ‘My Photo Stream.’ 

7. Save HDR Photos Only

Your iPhone might save two images of the same photos if it uses the High Dynamic Range feature. This HDR setting is best for capturing photos in low light or with shadows. Moreover, there is no need to keep normal photos if HRD is active on your iPhone. Thus, you need to check whether your iPhone is using HDR are not. If so, then open the Settings app and select ‘Photo and Camera’ from it. Locate the option ‘Keep Normal Photo’ at the bottom of the screen and swipe off the toggle to deselect it. 

8. Clear Browser Cache

You can extend a good amount of space by clearing your browser cache. The process will vary with the web browser you are using. Since Chrome is a widely used browser, we have explained the cache clearing process for it. 

  1. First, launch the Chrome browser and tap the ‘More’ button at the end of the window. 
  2. Tap on the ‘History’ menu and select ‘Clear browsing data from the submenu. 
  3. Check the boxes for “Cookies, Site Data,” and “Cached Images and Files” and tap the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button. 
  4.  After completing this action, ensure that it has increased the available storage on your iPhone. 

9. Sign up for a Streaming Music Service

You can save a lot of your phone storage by streaming music online. Since you are an iPhone user, sign up for iTunes and save your favorite songs in the iTunes library. Still, if you want to have any song or album on your iPhone, then tap the iCloud icon next to it. However, use Spotify to access a larger library for interesting songs. 

10. Restore Your iPhone

If you launch iTunes, then you will find a category named ‘Other’ in your phone storage. You will get everything including email, music and web-browsing data in this section. If the files saved in the ‘Other’ category get corrupted, then it will eat up more storage space. Thus, you will need to clear these corrupted files from your iPhone. For that, you must backup your iPhone and restore it to iTunes. 

If you want to restore your iPhone, then connect it to a computer that you have trusted before. Launch iTunes and tap the ‘Backup Now’ button. After completing the backup, choose ‘Restore iPhone’ and restore the backup finally. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to Delete iMessage Images?

Open an iMessage conversation and hold down the image visible within the thread. Apart from reaction icons, there will be a ‘More’ button. Tap this button and select the images that you don’t want anymore. Select as many images you want and tap the bin icon at the bottom. Do not select the ‘Delete All’ option as it will delete your entire iMessage conversation. 

  1. How to Manage Space in iCloud?

Go to Settings and select iCloud. Then, check your iCloud storage space and delete old backups. Next, delete photos from your iCloud backups and change the backup settings by selecting the items that you want to backup. Thus, whenever you back up your iPhone, everything won’t get saved to the iCloud backup. It, in turn, will save a lot of space on your phone.