iPad is a mark of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple, which run on the iOS mobile operating system. we are providing the iPad service Dubai. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The user interface built around the device’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. All iPads can connect via Wi-Fi. Some models also have cellular connectivity.

Benefits of iPad

An iPad can shoot video, take photos, play music, and perform Internet functions such as web-browsing and email. Other features are games, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. – can be enabled by downloading and installing apps.

Many of us have confidence in our iPads for work, entertainment, education and so much more. Whether it’s connecting with our families over FaceTime, getting kids to watch their favourite YouTube videos through long car journeys or sending out a business report to a colleague while we’re on the go – our iPads always come to our rescue.

But it is evident that everything is worn out at the time. There are some reasons for the damage of Ipad like software and hardware issues. If you buy a new device, it becomes expensive for you. There is no need to purchase a new phone when the repair technicians are available. At iRepair, we understand your anguish was when it comes to dealing with a damaged, unresponsive or under-performing iPad.

We providing services are:

we are providing some services for iPad are:

  •  touch screen replacement
  •  display replacement
  •  dock assembly services
  • camera repair and replacement
  • back panel repair and replacement
  • power button repair and replacement
  •  home button repair and replacement
  •  iOS support
  •  charging dock repair and replacement
  •  speaker/microphone repair and replacement
  •  battery replacement
  •  headphone jack repair and replacement
  •  vibrator repair and replacement

These are some devices for which we were providing support are:

    iPad

    Apple iPad 2

    iPad 3

   Apple iPad 4

    iPad Air

    iPad Air 2

    Apple  iPad Mini 2

    iPad Pro

Why choose us?

If you are looking for iPad service center in Dubai, then You have come to the right place. We have the service centre in Dubai which can repair all iPad devices.

To fix Apple iPad issues simple call us and talk us with our mobile repair service point’s technicians about your issue. Our technicians are describing you how they repair your iPad and also tell you whether your iPad issue needs to improve or replacement. So call our service centre to get a free quote for your iPad issues.

Our technicians having the experience to handle all the models of iPad hardware and software issues. Our certified technicians are highly skilled and trained who have massive experience in replacement, repair and upgrade.

About us

We also offer free pickup drop service for any iPad product repairs. So if you have any problem with your iPad device, please visit our service centre Mobile repair Dubai or call us on our toll-free No: 042480523. We are available 24*7.