The motherboard is the most important segment in your iPhone 5S and a majority of users are experiencing technical issues in it. According to some iDevice technicians, there can be problems due to the chip of U2 or Tristar in iPhone’s motherboard. When this chip is having some defect, it will result in draining more power from the battery. Sometimes, replacing the batter, chip or component can resolve certain issues in your iPhone device. But, if there are some advanced problems, and you can ask for a proper solution from a reliable iPhone 5S Motherboard Repair center.

Many users get confused regarding when to approach an iPhone technician for Mobile Repair services. Hence, you can go through the list of problems experienced by iPhone 5S customers, which can be fixed by repairing professionals. You can also consult these experts to upgrade your motherboard so that your iPhone can perform better.

Things to Remember While Considering iPhone 5s Motherboard Repair from a Service Provider

Before you consider iPhone 5S Motherboard Repair services from a technical expert, you must be aware of certain points. This includes the reasons when technicians recommend to upgrade your iPhone’s motherboard. Also, you should know the types of errors in the motherboard of the iPhone 5S that can be resolved only with the fixes from a service center. But, before that, it’s important to look for some warning signs, which indicates some kind of problem in the logic board of the iPhone.

How to Tell Your iPhone 5S Motherboard has Defects that Needs to be Repaired?

Here are some common symptoms that you should keep in mind regarding the damage in iPhone logic board.

  1. Your iPhone will boot very slow or get stuck in a reboot loop. Sometimes, it can also have crashes or the screen will simply turn black. 
  2. If you are connecting any external device or peripherals to your iPhone, the motherboard won’t detect them. You might also observe that the peripherals are not working and responding after a few seconds delay.
  3. Videos will take longer to load on the screen or show strange lines when you play them on the iPhone.
  4. Whenever you try to perform a Power On Self Test (POST) on the motherboard, it will fail. This is a clear indication that the logic board is going to crash down sooner. 
  5. If you notice any marks of burn on the motherboard or get the burning smell from your iPhone, it’s a warning to consider iPhone 5S Motherboard Repair services.
  6. Also, if the capacitors in your iPhone’s logic board are getting swelled or bulged, you can consider it as a hint for motherboard issue.  

Reasons to Fix iPhone 5S Motherboard Problems with Mobile Repair Services:

When you experience certain motherboard issues in your iPhone 5S, its best to diagnose the reason and apply the fix. But, if you are not a technical geek, you might not be able to understand why the logic board is showing signs of errors. So, you can go through some common issues that can lead to problems in your iPhone’s motherboard. 

Battery Connector

Often, the issue can occur when the battery connector on your device’s motherboard has some malfunctions. This can often happen when the connector has been corrupted somehow or physically broken. Moreover, you can also inspect the battery, which can have some critical issues including the problem of overheating. So, if your iPhone motherboard is giving these troubles, consult an expert to check the connector as well as the battery unit. 

Burnt Component

The logic board in your iPhone 5S comprise of various components, which can sometimes burn due to overcharge or battery defect. Hence, this can damage the motherboard and generate problems in your iPhone device as well. So, if the circuit elements in iPhones fail to perform due to an overheating problem, its best to repair the motherboard or replace the damaged component. 

Connectivity Error

A majority of iPhone 5S users have observed issues with the LTE signal or reception in the gadget. Although, it can also occur if the WiFi signal is weak or the Apple server is down for some reason. But, many technicians have diagnosed the issue and found problems in the motherboard. Also, there are some who thinks the integration of LTE technology is not done correctly. So, if your gadget is unable to connect to the nearby networks, don’t ignore the issue and consult a Mobile Repair center

Loose Screw or Component 

As reported by many iPhone customers on various discussion forums, they are hearing a rattling sound coming from the devices. It’s not like the problem is only occurring in old iPhone model but, the new devices are also exhibiting the same issue. So, if this is happening because of a loose screw or element in the iPhone’s internal circuit, you can do much about it. To deal with such error, you can get your iPhone repaired from an iPhone 5S Motherboard Repair specialist.

Defective Sensors

According to the product reviews and complaints about iPhone 5S and other models, the sensors are termed as dangerously faulty. Some experts have found an inaccuracy in the iPhone’s accelerometer and compass settings. Hence, this clearly indicates that apps on these gadgets have a high tendency to misbehave. But, it is essential to examine the motherboard to figure out the exact defects in the sensor units. Sometimes, the issue can be very small, which can be fixed by soldering a few components on the logic board. This is why you should hire a repairing professional to resolve the iPhone sensor by examining the motherboard.   

Graphics or Blue Screen Error

The dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death) problem can appear anytime and block your access to your iPhone. If you go into the depth of this malfunction, it can occur if the hardware components are damaged or corrupted. So, there is only one way to troubleshoot this error by investigating the components on the motherboard. 

Also, there can be a situation when you have recently replaced the iPhone’s screen or performed some hardware changes. So, if these are the reasons behind damaging the logic board of the iPhone, you need to fix it using Mobile repair services. 

Spilling Liquid or Water Damage

If you have accidentally dropped liquid on your iPhone or the device got submerged in the water, it can lead to motherboard failure as well. So, unless you dry down the components or repair the faulty elements, your iPhone will not start. Hence, you can take your gadget to an iPhone service center to repair the logic board damaged by water. 

Why is it Necessary to Upgrade iPhone 5S Motherboard from Mobile Repair Center?

As you require repairing centers to fix various kinds of technical issues in iPhone 5S and other devices. Sometimes, your gadget can also require some up-gradation to boost its performance. This is why many professional agencies provide upgrade services for iPhone users. If you want to get the most out of such offers, understand the types of upgrades available for iPhone motherboard along with its benefits.

Fast iPhone Processor 

Sometimes, your device can become too slow due to hardware, technical or device-related problems. Hence, many repairing centers provides advanced tools and services to ensure that the CPU performs faster. For this purpose, they need to investigate the circuit and components on your iPhone motherboard before upgrading the device. 

Long-lasting Battery

A majority of iPhone 5S users have this complaint regarding the draining of batteries and other issues in the adapter unit. Now, this can happen if the motherboard doesn’t support the integration of sockets, USB port or another interface. Hence, to ensure that your battery doesn’t discharge quickly, you can visit an iPhone repair center for necessary upgrades. 

Expand Storage on iPhone

If you want to increase the storage capacity of your iPhone, you will have to check the condition of RAM and other motherboard components. Moreover, you will also have to determine the compatibility between the iPhone model and storage device before installing them. All these tasks can take a lot of time and repeated trials to see which expansion fits the device specification. Hence, it’s best to allow iPhone or Apple experts to upgrade the iPhone’s memory by making changes in its motherboard. 

Graphics Upgrades 

As per the latest advancements in the iPhone technology, you can now upgrade the motherboard and change to AGP. By integrating an AGP slot in your logic board, you have the option to select from a wide range of graphics features. This was earlier not possible on very older iPhone models and the upgrade plans were limited. Hence, you can let the professionals from an iPhone repair center for upgrading the logic board and include AGP slot in the device.


There are various other advantages of getting your device repaired and upgraded from a reputed iPhone 5S Motherboard Repair expert. They can tell you the actual issues in your iPhone device and suggest the best possible fixes. When you hire a technician from a Mobile Repair center, you don’t have to worry about the repairing services that they provide. These experts have proper tools and technique to identify problems in your iPhone logic board. So, whenever they detect any error, they will have all replacement parts and troubleshooting tips to repair the motherboard in iPhone 5S and other models.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it Possible or Repair or Replace iPhone Motherboard when it gets Faulty?

When the logic board of iPhone 5S or any other version starts giving errors, many users prefer to get it replaced. But, before purchasing a new motherboard, you can try to repair the damages in the iPhone by consulting an expert. However, if there is still the need to replace or repair any component in the device’s motherboard, you can do it. But, remember to hire an agency that offers micro soldering technology to repair the motherboard or for replacing the components. 

2. How to Reduce the Effect of Overheating in iPhone Logic Board?

Often, you will find that the temperature of your iPhone 5S is extremely high. If this condition persists for a long period of time, there can be overheating issues in the motherboard. Hence, cool down your iPhone in order to make sure the device or circuitry doesn’t swell or burst. So, try to remove all the connecting cables and close all apps that are running on your gadget. You can also keep the device in airplane mode or shut it down completely to lower the temperature of the iPhone.