There’s no doubt that with each passing day smartphones are making our lives easier, especially, in this lockdown situation. We all know that to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, most of the countries have declared complete lockdown and we have no other options rather than staying at home.

Now, in this situation what if accidentally your smartphone falls from your hand and gets broken? On a normal day, you can easily visit the nearby shop and fix it. However, during the lockdown, we have to be part of the new normal and it will be a challenging task for you too, as most of the retailer shops are closed.

You can simply call the experts of the mobile repair Dubai and follow our guidelines. Or, keep reading the guide and get to know how to quickly fix your broken smartphone.

Fix the Broken Smartphone with DIY Hacks

Now, if your smartphone gets broken, you should first check whether your phone is still under warranty and whether the phone insurance covers the broken screen and other damages that have occurred.

If yes, you can schedule a repair service through phone or chat and send your phone for an immediate fix. However, if your service provider doesn’t include this condition as well as you don’t want to part with your smartphone even for a few days then, you can try to fix your broken smartphone on your own. Let’s get to know:

  1. Prepare for Fixing

Now, before you start the fixing task, ensure that you have a clean place to work with minimal distractions. Also, we suggest you minimize static electricity. Apart from this, before opening your smartphone, it’s highly recommended to touch a steel table in order to discharge the static electricity.

  1. Get the Best Repairing Tools

When it comes to tools and parts, you need to do your part of the research, as well as find the best possible component that you can afford. Let’s take an example if you wish to buy a good quality display, you surely need to spend a lot of money, but buying a cheap display surely saves a few bucks. For this, you can talk to the team members of the mobile repair Dubai and they can guide you to make the best choice. Further, make sure screwdrivers and plastic spudgers are part of the repairing kit that you intend to purchase.

  1. Check Tutorial Guide

Now, before attempting anything, we strongly advise you to visit mobile repair Dubai’s official website and watch and learn from the videos associated with the broken smartphone repair. You are suggested to watch these videos again and again until you are comfortable with the repairing task. 

  1. Test before Reassembling

Have you decided to accomplish the repairing task all by yourself? Then, you need to turn off your device first. Now, before replacing the busted part, we strongly advise you to test the damage portion, if possible and then replace it with the new ones. Don’t be in a hurry, as the repairing procedure might take a couple of hours. 

  1. Keep Track of Everything

Now when your job is over, it’s essential to keep a track of the screws, as you need to rearrange them to their original position. Remember that, if by mistake, you place a wrong screw at the wrong spot, it can lead to some serious damage. Let’s take an example, if you place the upper plate screws of the iPhone 5 series to the bottom corners, this wrong placing can cause a boot loop as well as blue screen error.

  1. Cross Check that Everything Works Properly

Now, before you turn on your smartphone and close it, you need to ensure that you have properly plugged in all the parts and screws. Apart from this, you should run a quick test and ensure that everything works properly. 

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t test only the parts that you have replaced but also test the major features. Because, during the repairing, you might have accidentally messed something or the component might not work well with the changed parts. 

Here’s are the things that you have to check thoroughly:

  • Headphone jack- Ensure that you can clearly hear with both the earpieces
  • Touchscreen- Ensure that it’s fully active
  • Charging Port- Ensure that it’s properly connected through other devices and charges
  • LCD/ display- Search for any discolouration that might indicate the pressure point
  • Volume, Sleep and Home buttons- You have to ensure that all these buttons can be pressed with a simple click.
  • Network & Wi-Fi- Inspects the signals of the network, Wi-Fi and ensures that they are consistent.
  • Ear speaker & Mic- Make sure both you and the caller can hear the sound clearly and there are no echoes.

Once you have assured that everything is working fine, take a dry cloth and clean the debris. However, if you wish to deal with the broken phone and don’t want to waste your money, then we suggest you buy a screen protector and place it over the cracked area. This will surely give you relief for a couple of days.


Repairing a broken phone can be difficult for you if you don’t have in-depth technical knowledge as well as don’t have the right equipment. In this situation, you can call the experts of mobile repair Dubai and seek prompt assistance.