During the lockdown period, everyone is maintaining social distance to prevent the contamination of coronavirus. As people are under lockdown, everyone has to accomplish their daily task from home. This includes office work as well as school and college assignments. Thus, the demand for smartphones has been increasing with every passing day. Through smartphones, we can communicate with your friends, colleagues and even with your family.

Apart from texting, playing video games, and video conferencing, we need smartphones to perform other essential tasks under this COVID-19 pandemic. However, what if your smartphone stops working? It gets not only frustrating but also a hassle to repair your device during this lockdown.

Fortunately, here we have explored some quick tips that will surely assist you to repair your device, even if you are stuck in lockdown.

Pro Way to Repair your Smartphone

Follow the undermentioned section and resolve all your queries associated with how to repair smartphones during the lockdown. 

Rely Upon Apple Support and Authorized Repair Centers or Apple Store

A few months ago, Apple announced a temporary shutdown of its retail stores outside greater China to stop the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, in this current situation, you are unable to meet any experts.

However, the official Apple website can support you to find out a local Apple Service Provider where you can repair your Apple device. Therefore, if you are dealing with some serious issues on your phone, you can visit the nearby Apple Authorized service center.

Apple Authorized Service Center

Before you schedule a repair, first, you have to check if the local Apple Store is open or not. For that, visit the Apple Retail Store Page. After selecting your Country and State, tap on the link of your local store. Then, you will see the current status of the storehouse.

Now, to schedule a repair, login to the Apple Repair website. Thereafter, Locate and tap on the ‘Start a Repair Request’ option. Suppose, you are using an iPhone, click on its icon. Else, hit the ‘See your products’ link and login with your Apple account. Furthermore, choose the issues you are having with your device. For example, Battery & Charging, Repairs, and Physical Damages. Afterwards, you can choose a more specific issue like a cracked screen.

Click on ‘Find iPhone Repair Prices’ on the next screen and after that, you will be promoted to the page where you can see the repair costs. Inspect them thoroughly and then go back to the previous page. Thereafter, you should choose the ‘Schedule a Repair’ option. Type your device’s serial number in the given field.

Ensure that your current location is selected. Else, you can enter the zip code. Choose your carrier and again hit on Continue. On the next screen, you will see an Authorized Service Center. Finally, choose the center where you wish to repair your phone.

Apple Support

In case you experience a software issue with your iPhone, you can easily speak (through chat and phone call) to an Apple representative to fix the issue. For that, you have to use your computer and use the Apple Support Dubai.

Apart from this, from the App Store, you should download the Apple Store and thereafter fix a meeting with an Apple technician. If you are among those who have Apple care, then you can check your available support option on the Apple website.

Support for Android Users

In case your Android device has not been damaged physically, you can fix the software issues over the phone. If your smartphone has a performance issue, you should contact the service provider. Also, if your phone is physically broken, you can either buy a new smartphone online or else contact the Mobile Repair Service Center.

Send your Smartphone for Repair

For both Apple and Android phones, in case your phone needs an extra effort than something that is offered over the phone, you are advised to send it for repair. 

Fix your Smartphone on your Own

Apart from all these above services, you can repair your smartphone on your own. For that, you have to buy a repair kit. Repair kit comes with all the features that you may need to fix your phone. 

These repair kits are available online. You can purchase the most suitable repair kit and then troubleshoot the issue on your own. We can’t think of a single moment without our mobile phones. Therefore, if it gets damaged, then with the above-mentioned techniques, you can fix it during this lockdown. You can also call Mobile Repair Dubai for better assistance.