You need to keep in mind that if the temperature of the smartphone reaches beyond the tolerance level, then it can be the prime reason for the damage to your smartphone. It further has a massive impact on your phone’s internal components. Environmental factors, Malware, defective components, the rigid phone case are some of the factors that can overheat your phone.

Now, if you repeatedly ignore overheating of your phone, then your device might slow down permanently. Overheating your smartphone can even damage the battery of your phone and even causes an explosion. And, this can lead to an outbreak of fire.

You need to keep in mind that multitasking through widgets, running power-demanding apps continuously or even running intense graphics are some of the reasons for overheating. 

Do you want to know what are the ways out? Then, you can opt for mobile repair experts as they are experienced in fixing this issue easily. There are some other options too, to prevent your phone from overheating, let’s explore. 

Which Parts are Getting due to Your Smartphone Overheating?

You should not use an overheated smartphone because it is inconvenient to use. Wait till it cools down. Check whether the smartphone gets overheated frequently or not because this can damage your phone permanently. 

If you find your phone’s battery completely damaged or SOC faulty, then don’t forget to visit the nearest mobile repair experts. But, before that, let’s learn what happens to your phone because of overheating. 

  1. Damage to Battery 

The battery of your phone is one of the top reasons that lead to overheating. You need to keep in mind that excessive heat can damage the battery of your phone permanently. 

Further, it will leave the battery completely non-functional and you will experience worse performance. The battery of your phone will be unable to store energy efficiency because of the hot temperature. 

Further, frequent overheating or hot temperature can speed up the ageing process of your phone’s battery and this will eventually cause the phone to die. 

  1. Damage to SOC or System On Chip

You might not know, but there are a few components in the system, on the chip like CPU, GPU and others, which are highly essential and overheating can damage your phone’s SOC. It is true that these chips can resist relatively high temperatures, but overheating can damage them. 

According to mobile repair experts, if these chips are damaged, then it will fail to work properly, and your phone will start to slow down. The lifespan of your phone’s CPU, GPU and other chips can decrease because of frequent overheating. 

  1. Damage to Adhesive 

Frequent high temperatures can damage the adhesives which hold your phone together. Without these adhesives, the bonding of the components of your phone will not be possible. Even your phone will fail to protect itself from water damage. 

Because of frequent high temperatures, it starts to create gaps among the components, and they start to move. Thus, dust and dirt will enter your phone and it will be more prone to several environmental risks. 

  1. Screen Crack

This is the most frequently asked question that everyone wants to know. You need to keep in mind that simply overheating can not crack the glass of your phone, but the risk of breakage of the glass will increase. Thus, a small drop will result in the shattering of the screen of your smartphone.

How to Stop Your Phone from Overheating?

These days, most of the smartphones have warning features and that will alert you whenever your phone’s internal temperature extends 95 degrees or even higher. As soon as you receive this warning, you can access only the emergency call function. 

Further, you have to wait until your phone has cooled down completely. If you are out, under the warm heat of the sun, then make sure to keep your phone in a cooler place to avoid overheating. 

There are some certain processes that you can follow in order to avoid overheating. Read to know more. These hacks, from mobile repair experts, will help you to stop harming your phone unintentionally and will also ensure that your phone is ready to use.

  1. Give Your Phone a Break 

It might sound funny, but simply stop to use your phone, when you find your phone is overheated. The heavy usage of your phone is one of the original reasons for this issue. You can even put your phone in a selective place and wait for it to cool down. When you find your phone is starting to gain heat, ensure to close all the apps and try to protect the screen from getting overheated. 

  1. Use a Reputable Charger

You should not charge your phone until it cools down. Because of charging, your phone will receive additional heat and the problem will become worse. Make sure to unplug your phone when it starts to overheat. 

You might find that your phone starts to overheat while charging, and then get a new charging cable. Check whether you are using low-quality chargers or not, as it can cause the overheating issue. You should buy certified chargers, which directly come from your phone’s manufacturer, or try to get an authentic charger which comes from reputable third-party mobile repair experts. 

  1. Utilize Antivirus Software

You can easily prevent your phone from overheating by installing reputable antivirus software. Using this software helps you to prevent malware attacks. There are certain additional ways too, as suggested by mobile repair experts, to prevent this overheating problem, like installing junk cleaning software, reducing the strain on your phone, etc. 


Well, these are the most effective procedures that you can follow in order to free from the overheating problem. It is always advised to opt for mobile repair experts when you face this overheating issue on your phone. Thus, you can join with Mobile Repair Dubai for an optimum and immediate solution.