Nothing can be more annoying than you try to turn on your smartphone but unfortunately, nothing happens and all you get to see is a black screen. Due to numerous reasons, your mobile phone might be unable to function- Like, if it’s physically broken, charging issue, faulty connection and others.

Now the question is how you can instantly overcome the situation? The simple solution is to get in touch with the experts of the mobile repair Dubai and follow their guidelines. Apart from this, here are some expert solutions that you can try, to turn on your mobile phone.

Turn on your Smartphone with Expert Hacks

Suppose you spent a lot of money to buy your smartphone and suddenly it stops working or rather the phone won’t turn on. First, you must not panic. The best solution is to call the professionals associated with mobile repair Dubai, as they can solve your problem within a very short period of time. 

Further, you can also try these common DIY means suggested by the experts, before taking it to the repair center.

  1. Force Restart the Device

In case you see the mobile screen is frozen or black, then at first, we advise you to forcibly reboot your mobile phone. Now, if you use an iPad model with Face ID, quickly press and release the Volume Up key. In addition, use the same rule, press and release the Volume down button. Afterwards, until your iPad restarts, you should press and hold the Power button. 

iPhone 8 users must first press the Volume up button and thereafter press & release the Volume down key. Furthermore, unless the Apple icon appears on the display, press and hold down the side button.

Do you use the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus model? Then, press and hold the Top button along with the Volume Down button. Keep holding until the Apple logo pops up on the LED screen.

Android users first press the Power button and when the Apple logo appears, release the Power button. In addition, hit the Restart button.

  1. Check your Phone for Physical Damage

Did you recently drop your phone? Is the screen broken or damaged? Any kind of water damage? If you experience any hardware issue, then you might have to take your phone to a trustworthy service center like mobile repair Dubai and fix the hardware problems.

But, if the screen is damaged, then verify it. The best way to check it is to use another mobile device and dial your number. And if you see your phone is ringing, but there is a blank screen, then it indicates that the screen is damaged and you have to replace it.

  1. Charge the Battery

Sometimes, it’s quite possible that your smartphone is out of battery and due to this you see a black screen. Hence, we advise you, if the battery is drained, plug the device to the charger. Charge your device for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes and after that turn it on.

However, if it doesn’t work for you, there’s a possibility that you are using a faulty charger. Hence, try out another battery charger. Apart from this, we suggest you thoroughly inspect the charging port, as if debris gathers over the pins, then it will prevent your device from charging.

In this condition, use a toothpick and remove all the debris and loosen particles from the charging port. After that, turn on your mobile phone and see if you see any image on the display or not.

  1. Perform a Factory Settings

In case, all the above solutions fail to resolve the issue, we recommend you to perform a factory reset. Remember that, you must keep a backup before applying this solution.

Now, if you are an iPhone user, then at first, through a USB cable, plug your device into the computer. After that, start iTunes and the Finder option on Mac. Hopefully, instantly you will see the phone icon along with the toolbar on the display. Unfortunately, if not, then forcibly restart your device. Once the iPhone icon appears on the computer screen, tap on it. In addition, tap on the Restore iPhone option in order to wipe it clean.

On the other hand, Android users, at first, you have to boot your device into Recovery mode. To do so, first, open the Settings application, and then unmark the FASTBOOT option. Power off your Android device. Simultaneously, press the Power and Volume Down button for 5 to 10 seconds. You need to continue holding the Volume Down button but release the Power button.

This will lead you to the Bootloader. Thereafter, you have to move to the Recovery Mode, using the Volume button. Again, press the Power button, this will help you to enter into the Recovery Mode. Within Recovery Mode, select the Factory Reset by using the Volume button. Then, again try to turn on your device and hopefully this time your device will work normally.


Sometimes the issue can turn out to be too serious and you need special tools to fix the problem. In these circumstances, the best option for you is to handover the task to the experts of the Mobile Repair Dubai. For that, simply visit the website and place a service request.