All it takes is a cosmic misfortune to slip your phone from your hands and the device bumps on the floor. You get a crack on the phone screen when you pick it up. Now, the million-dollar question arrives: What should you do now? Should you repair your phone screen yourself?

On the other hand, turning to a professional mobile repair Dubai shop seems a promising option if you want to restore your phone’s looks and functionality. Let’s see what you can do with a cracked-screen phone if the display still works.

Why do Mobile Phone Screens Break Easily?

Mobile Repair Dubai experts have exposed the truth of compromising between engineering reality and consumer requirements. As you can see, all the latest smartphones have neatly bezel-less displays and slim edges. Now, that will take a toll on the sustainability department of smartphones.

On a related note, the elastic energy stored in the glass of your phone turns into surface energy and the screen cracks when you drop or bump your device. The force of the fall or throw impact will exceed the surface compression and create small stresses that can shatter your screen.

Indeed, leading smartphone manufacturers keep experimenting with tougher types of glass to absorb the force. Typically, manufacturers rely on the combination of zinc and aluminium for the base of the phone body.

Fix Your Broken Smartphone

8 Things You Can Do Right Away to Fix Your Cracked Phone

A cosmetic accident can lead to broken screens and the severity of the instance may vary from mild scratches to completely shattered glass with missing chunks. A mobile repair in Dubai suggests assessing the damage to the phone screen before you do anything.

So, place your device on a solid sturdy surface and make sure that your phone gets enough light. Now, test whether your mobile phone’s screen works. You might face touchscreen issues where the display is shattered or damaged. As long as your phone responds to your touches, you must back up your data to a secure drive or cloud storage.

Ensure you save all your important images, videos, and other files somewhere safe before your device dies out completely. However, you should immediately contact a mobile repair near me if the phone has stopped functioning already. 

Otherwise, you can try the following fixes to protect your phone from further damage if and only if the damage is not that severe.

1. Use Packing Tape

A broken screen or cracked glass is a danger state for both the phone and the user. For example, the display can lose more of its glass. On the other hand, you might end up slicing up your finger if you’re not careful enough while operating on the device.

So, here’s a trick to cover up your phone until you are ready for a repair or screen replacement. Get packing tape and cover your phone with a layer of it. Make sure that you cover up the screen completely with the packing tape and trim the excessive tape with a precision knife.

The result will seem and work like a real screen protector.

2. Try a Screen Protector

If you are not happy with the packing tape solution, you can level up your game with a competent screen protector. Utilising a screen protector will ensure that your phone will feel seamless when you touch the display. Additionally, you will get a clean line around the edges of the phone screen.

However, the anticipated result may vary from one type of screen defect to another, as confirmed by a mobile repair service near me. For example, using a screen protector will work fine if your phone has a spiderweb of cracks.

On the other hand, a screen protector may keep things a bit concealed if the display has been shattered along with missing chunks of glass. 

3. Opt for a Compatible Adhesive

If your phone has received small cracks then here’s a great hack advised by mobile repair services Dubai experts. You can use super glue, also known as Cyanoacrylate glue, to seal minute cracks.

However, you need to be precise and careful while using the glue on your phone’s screen. For instance, mobile repair services in Dubai advise using super glue as little as possible. In addition, you must wipe off the excess glue with a cloth or cotton swab to prevent mess. 

4. Use an Old Phone

Perhaps, your smartphone’s screen is entirely shattered and beyond any use. However, it’s not possible to spend even a day without a mobile phone for most of us. While your damaged phone is of no use and you still require a phone, use an old device.

After all, you can’t make a call from a phone whose screen is smashed. On the other hand, you need a replacement when the damaged phone is sent to get a repair. So, look for your old phone that you might have stashed away. Check all your drawers and closets and see if an old phone is available at yours.

Otherwise, you can borrow a device from your family, friends, or relatives for temporary use. You can risk yourself and the device as well if you keep using the damaged device. Hence, stop using a phone with a cracked screen until it gets right or you find a perfect solution. 

5. Replace the Phone Screen on Your Own

Chances are that your phone’s touchscreen still works. Then, you can replace the phone screen yourself. A mobile repair service in Dubai suggests using a competent phone screen repair kit. After all, not everyone owns specialised tools unless they are experts at fixing solid-state electronics.

However, here’s a quick heads-up from a mobile repair Dubai technician. Before you proceed with the DIY screen replacement, check if your device is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. This is because a DIY screen replacement or any kind of repair can void the warranty.

Consequently, your phone’s resale value will be diminished. So, opt for a certified repair if your phone is still under a warranty or you want to trade up your device to get a newer device later.

6. Get a Professional Screen Replacement

Are you uncertain about a DIY screen repair or replacement? Then, you should go for a professional screen replacement. If your device is still covered by the manufacturer, you can contact the official manufacturer and get an authorised service.

However, that will cost you more as official manufacturers charge much higher compared to third-party ones. You can consider a trusted mobile repair in Dubai if your phone is out of warranty. For example, you can Google a mobile repair service near me and you will get verified shops around you.

Indeed, you can investigate their expertise, warranty details, charges, and customer reviews to land on the best mobile repair service in Dubai. Compare at least 3 shops to get certified screen replacement at reasonable prices, by the way.

7. Sell Your Cracked-Screen Phone to Raise a Replacement Fund

It will be not too beneficial if you want to replace a phone screen and the device is quite old now. In fact, you might be thinking about replacing the phone itself. Then, you should not proceed with the repair or replacement of the screen. 

Instead, you can sell your broken phone on eBay and other similar websites that offer a pretty good amount even if the screen is shattered. However, the selling price won’t be what you might expect. Still, you can sell your damaged device and put the money towards a new phone.

Apart from that, many websites can even help you trade in your defective phone and get a new one. On the other hand, those websites might apply certain terms and conditions. So, check them to know whether your device qualifies for the sale or trade-in.

For instance, mobile repair service Dubai professionals claim that the following situations are mandatory for getting an exciting deal:

  • The device should work, you should be able to tap the screen, scroll up and down, etc.
  • Additionally, the website may not accept a completely smashed phone. They will only consider the deal if the device has minor scratches.

8. Purchase a New Phone

Sometimes, you may have no other option than to purchase a new mobile phone. Buying a new phone can save you from the relentless pain of using a smashed device. Additionally, you can upgrade sooner if you choose this hack.

If you want to save some money then a mobile repair service near me suggests buying an unlocked version instead of a carrier-activated one. Therefore, check out all the trending smartphones and pick the most suitable according to your technical requirements.

3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Your Phone’s Screen is Smashed

You might search the internet for a quick fix to your shattered screen. Although the internet is full of solutions, you should not trust everything you come across. The following DIY fixes may surface on the internet when you look for an immediate tip. 

Here are some good-for-nothing hacks that can cause more harm to your device rather than ease your phone pain.

1. Toothpaste to Cover up Seams

Cracks on your phone’s display are similar to cavities and that’s why some professionals think that toothpaste can fix the screen. A few types of toothpaste can be abrasive and might damage your phone screen. However, the hack might be useful when the screen is not too thick, the cracks are light, and the toothpaste must not be grainy.

2. Eraser to Buff up Cracks

Videos illustrating that an eraser can smooth out the cracks seem tempting and interesting. An eraser is indeed more powerful compared to toothpaste if you want to buff out cracks. However, a mobile repair Dubai expert warns that the buffing won’t work as the crack is too deep and the screen is too thick.

3. Baking Soda to Fix a Smashed Screen

Using baking soda might give you a clean screen but there are risks associated with the hack. Undoubtedly, baking soda is abrasive and it can get into your mobile ports, speakers, etc. Hence, you should avoid using such hacks or else, your device can get into a bigger problem.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Phone’s Screen?

A mobile repair service in Dubai confirms that the screen replacement charges are not fixed. For example, the phone screen replacement charge may depend on the device’s manufacturer, its age, the extent of the damage, and so on.

Whenever the screen gets smashed, the device is more likely to receive further damage. So, you have to spend more to fix those problems. However, contact a mobile repair in Dubai if you want to learn a detailed breakdown of the screen replacement cost.